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friend flame

My friend is fucking hipocritical pussy! Hes not a pussy physically, hell, hes a fucking tank. That's the reason I don't yell at him often, he could beat me up. But I just got fed up with him recently. He can be fun to be around, at times. He's just so fucking negative all of the time! He has such an immature mind, he just acts mature. He's gets hooked on phrases and stuff really easily and lately he has this thing about girls. If he gets near a hot one, he cannot stop trying to be funny and charming. I fucking hate it, its so stupid! Maybe all he needs is a taste of his own medicine, maybe if one disagrees with him instead of agreeing, he will stop being so assertive. But WTF! I have way better friends than him!

btw- I won't accept not being his friend anymore without some time and patience.


Last Living Souls
What I would do in this situation is sit him down and tell him that you dont like him the way he has been acting lately. Give him some time and hopefully he will discontinue his actions.