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Friends + Peer Pressure = Shitty


Ok, so I am a social outcast. It's how it is, I hate people, people hate me. Mutual, right? Well, after a long time of solitude, I made friends with a group of BMXers, which I thought was sweet, because I had just started riding at the time. Later on, I learned that they were carrying cigarettes around and smoking them, so I was like, oh well, I can't stop them, they are still my friends. As time progressed, I learned they smoked marijuana on a regular basis and had kept me in the dark about it because they figured I would rat them out on the whole subject.

This was about a year ago, and I was very nervous about the whole situation, so I asked my Mom for advice on what to do. Naturally, her first instinct was to tell me all their names and she would crack some skulls. I told her no, so she said to stop hanging out with them, I also said no to that because they were the only friends I had, pot heads or not. So she said fine, just tell them to stay away from you while they're doing it, and we'll all be fine, but if I catch you doing it, you are going to be in a world of hurt. So I took the later, and as time progressed, they disobeyed my requests to keep away from me while they went about it, and as time passed, I was there while a deal was going on.

Now note, I knew about the drug, but I had never seen or smelled it, So i was like wtf. Later on during the summer, more of these deals passed, and as time passed, they offered me the bowl from time to time. I was like no, i'm good, untill one time they got to me with mass amounts of peer pressure and threats that if I didnt smoke, I was going to be 'shunned' from the group. And being that being like, my only group of friends, I didn't want to lose that. So I smoked, and I liked, and I smoked more, and eventually, I was full blown loving the shit. All the while, my mom asking about the whole situation. I wasn't going to admit I was smoking pot, because she threatened me. But eventually my mom caught me in the act and was absolutley infuriated with me. So that day, while I was blazed as fuck, she took me to every one of their houses and made ME tell THEIR parents that their children were smoking marijuana, while the kids were standing there. I mean, the last time I would ever smoke pot, my mom had to kill my buzz like that? Lame.

So when I finished telling the last persons' parents, My mom took me home and made me feel 10x worse about the whole situation, by telling me that not only did she catch me and now all my friends hate me, but by rubbing it in my face. You know how mothers do, hardcore lectures on how bad we fucked up. Then, she calls my uncle over to my house, who is like 6'4 like 280-300 lbs, and he beats the fuck out of me because of the whole situation, then my mom got physical, then my dad came home, and he tore into my ass. Sounds like a pretty shitty situation, right? Well, I neglected to say something in the monolouge.

About 1 1/2 weeks before this happened, I had started skipping school and shit. in a 2 week period, i went to school for 2 out of 10 days. (you're only allowed to miss 9 per semester where I live) So my principle nailed me to the wall for Truancy, and cited me into Family Court. So with the court date on my shoulders, i got caught smoking pot, which my mom also told me she was going to bring up with the family court judge figure. Hah, Could It get worse? It could.

My court date was November 19. on the 18th, i decided to make a ditch and go to a party, because I figured I was going to spend some time in the clink, i'm already guilty as hell for smoking pot and skipping school, might as well go for the gusto. So I go to this party, Get drunk and shit, then go home, and There's my mom. Yee-haw. She delt me a royal lashing with a leather belt to the back side, and when your drunk that's 8 worlds of pain cause you don't particularly know wtf is going on. So the next day, I go to court, and guess what? They put me in Juvi for a little bit. Let me tell you what. That sucked.

Then, to top it all off, when I got back to school, It was like walking into your own personal hatred. I had people looking at me, making agressive gestures (I.E. Pushing me into walls, bouncing my head off of lockers and such). Apparently in my absence, my 'friends' decided to leak I ruined their lives.

And that is what happens when you have a crazy fucking family, retarded "friends" and drugs in the same story. That scenerio couldnt have been more fucked on my part. I don't really expect advice, not much to say on the subject. I haven't touched pot since I got caught, I was withdrawn from school and was homeschooled the remainder of the year and I don't talk to the fuckers i called friends anymore. I just needed to vent that, but any comments or advice that you think would help any, I'm all for it.


~Broken Angel~
Wow. Left me speechless. I know what you're going through tho. When I was living at home with my parents my mother physically, emotionally and sexually abused my brother and I. It's crap coming from a disfunctional family. If you need any help or advice feel free to PM me. :happysad:


teh winnar
That's a pretty shitty situation. I think it's fucked up when parents wail on their kids. My dad used to do it to me and I was in AP classes. Parents that hit their kids are lower than cops in my book. Yeah it was stupid of you to skip school but that's no excuse. You should prolly put a hold on smokin anymore bud till you're out of highschool and are mature enough to handle it.
Soon enough you'll be on your own and won't ever have to talk to your parents if you don't want. As for the friends, fuck'em.. Out of all the people I knew in high school I only talk to 2 or 3, most died or moved away. Get school handled and go to college then you'll meet some cool people. You'll also get to smoke WAY better bud than the schwag you've smoked thus far j/k.


Unprotected Sleeper
Yea just fuck friends for highschool, go to colledge for get a cool job with alot of people you'll end up being friends with later on. Then you can smoke pot with them lol joking.


Hella Constipated
sinamon said:
Wow. Left me speechless. I know what you're going through tho. When I was living at home with my parents my mother physically, emotionally and sexually abused my brother and I. It's crap coming from a disfunctional family. If you need any help or advice feel free to PM me. :happysad:

I'm sorry for everything I posted.


Fuck The Fucking Fuckers
Fuck everyone at your school, just get through high school, goto college, tell your parents both to go fuck them selves, then just before you leave their house with your last belonging tell them that they can both rot in hell with the KKK and Adolf Hitler, and run away XD,..............Though Suicide is always an option :\ :sword: