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Friends Suck.........Sometimes

OK so I went out of town this past weekend/week with my fiance and my best friend. Of course the only reason I invited her is she was supposed to be going with us to Padre wich got cancelled. But we ended up gong to Dallas to see my fiances parents and get his new car. WELL>>>we get there and its NON STOP bragging about herself!! I"m like this is my family not your future famly so there is no reason for you to fucking suck up and lie to make yourself look so damn wonderful!!! As well as it soon becomes cater to her week! We didn't do one damn thing I wanted to do till she left cuz she would bitch and complain and use the excuse well I leave before you do! As well as she flirted CONSTANTLY with my man, that right there pushed it too damn far. Everytime I turned around she was getting between us and then flirting with him oh yes and then we get around his cousin and its like she has to try and look badass by going oh Nick would ya wanna come watch ME put a transmission in my truck? (trying to make herself look badass in front of everyone and me look like i'm a tard ro something). As well as made a point to make sure HER car got put in the driveway instead of mine (even though mines a lot more suseptible to getting broken into since its a convertible!! it has once before!!) By pulling her BS. Needless to say next trip down there I will make sure she does not come that way I have a fun time. Not one where I sit with my feelings hurt and with the feeling of being unloved. My trip just turned out miserable from it and I woulda rather have left her here! I think I pissed her off when I pushed her out the door on the day it was for her to leave and go home. But I dont care I finally go tto do what I wanted and got my man to pay attention to me for once!!


The hate still Shapes me
If he didn't make a point to pay attention to you then it his fault too. He should try to make it a point that you and his family get to know each other. Anyway the only reason I question is because you mentioned something about finally getting his attention at the end of the trip. As far as your friend...She's a Bitch.


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Find a new friend, and if necessary a new boyfriend. He can't be flirting with your own friend in front of you. Can you imagine what will he do when you are not around?


~Broken Angel~
Chillian has a point girl. You dont need that. And as far as her family ignoring you and all, it seems to me that they liked her more anyways. You need to sit down and have a serious talk with your fiance and let him know how he made you feel this weekend. Tell him how you felt unloved and what-not. It should make him realize what he did if he's truely not aware he was and be so appoligettic. But, if he fights back saying he didnt and blah blah blah, then you know what to do. It might hurt now but it will be best in the long run. Sorry girl. Keep us posted :thumbsup: <hugs>

Props to you for not punching that girl in the mouth!

Just remember: people like that usually cry out for attention and brag about themselves cause they're missing something in their life. Be glad you're not her.
We've talked about it, thats why he tried making up for it the last few days we were there. He aslo told me I should a spoken up about it when things came up that bothered me. But whenI did I'd get a bitch out from my friend cuz it was pissin her off taht I had a bad attitude about everything. I dont worry bout his family liking her more, they allready call me their daughter when they introduce me, I love em to death. Alot of things I just let happen, my fault. My fiance didn't flirt back w/her but that didn't keep her from trying. And making up for something with bragging, she has plenty of friends, the only thing she hasn't had is a bf in over a year, but thats her fault (long story)and she has admitted to me she was jealous I was able to find someone so great that treats me like a "princess" as she put it (another reason I got upset, I'm used to being severely spoiled by him). My fiance admitted that he was afraid shed pull the same stunt she has before whenI piss her off that she goes and runs to my mom and blabs some bs or something my mom doesn't know and doesn't need to know, so we did whatever to keep her from bitchin. (my mom gets super pissed at me when I piss off my friend, why I dont know but it bothers me enough to not want her around me much.) And what I meant about attention(from my fiance), he didn't stay around me due to keep me from getting more an more angrier from her messsing with him. So he ended up working on his car alot until bed time, which that was another reason to keep her happy cuz she would go home and tell my mother me an my fiance slept in the same bed and well then shit would hit the fan. What I should have done to avoidthis is laid down the law before we left and told her how it was gonna be. Then things may have gone differently or she wouldn't have even come. I just know I need to learn to s peak up when I get pissed and not worry bout what shes gonna do to get back at me.