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friends, yes or no

I was watching the news about two weeks ago and for some reason they had done a bit of an examination i suppose to determine whether or not guys and girls, both being straight, can be friends. However, I didn't get the chance to see what their verdict was. What do you think, is it possible for straight men and straight women to just be friends?
question number two, why did you answer just so plain and simple? haha
anyway, my reason being for asking such an easy question to answer as we can all see, is because of the girl that i like. She has lots of friends but this one in particular friend of hers which just so happens to be her best friend wants to be with her. He knows that i like her, and as for her liking me we had an arguement that lasted for at least 2 weeks and she said that we couldn't even be friends anymore. I was like this is bullshit so i stopped talking to her for a week. When i decided to talk to her again she was ok with it, and said that we were just cool or whatever. For some reason i feel, that she might still like me or want to be with me again, but instead of being together making me fight for her. Ill fight till the end of time, but anyway getting back to the purpose of this. She talks to her best friend (the guy) everday, on the phone and all sorts of stuff like that. I keep on thinking that she might go with him instead. What should I do, should I keep on fighting for her? I don't want to be heart broken because of some unrational thinking. If she gets with the other guy I will be mad of course and sad of course. so what should i do?


AHA! I knew there was more to it!

It's a bit complicated. I know you don't want to hear this but it's really up to you. I think you should step back for a second and detach and read her. It's possible that your feeling for her are tainting your judgement.

Personally, I don't like girls that make me work too hard and play games. But then again I don't like girls that throw themselves at me either.

You have to figure out if she's worth it but from what I'm reading here, she's playing with your head whether she means to or not. You might want to give it some time and see if she gets more stable and more sure of what she wants. You're in a funny place right now.

Another cool, if you're worried about the guy, don't be. If you two are meant to be together for however long, then it will happen. He will make a mistake. Ha! That sounds like chess.

I hope I made some kind of sense.
i see what your saying, i made that mistake before and another guy took a girl right out of my arms. and that sucks. but i have been taking what i like to call 2 steps forward and 1 one step back. that way, i can see what the stability of the relationship is like. Ill keep you updated


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Don't force yourself onto her. Be subtle, give her space and get to know her.
You may find out she is not who thought she was and vice versa, for good or for bad. Time will tell. The other trick is knowing when to quit, which relates to "Don't force yourself onto her".


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All "friendships" between straight men and women are based on one or both being attracted to the other in a non-friend way. One of them cools the jets of the other, but that person wants to be friends, while the whole time they plot about how to get into a better position in the relationship. Usually waiting for the "right" moment to spring into action to become more than friends. Both sexes can wait for years of "friendship" and then one day they will give the "I've always loved you" speech. Sometimes the person who was waiting just gives up waiting, and this is what girls think of when they say "Yes, men and women can just be friends." They're right, and wrong, at the same time. It REALLY means "I" only want to be friends, he's waiting it out. Sometimes it's the other way around, but that's more rare. Guys are more likely to "just hit that". YMMV

There are exceptions, but that just proves the rule.
piro, i've known the girl for a long time its just that we had gotten into an arguement and this one guy wants to go out with her and i want to go out with her but she just says that her and him are friends. with that information i don't worry about them ever getting together but as far as myself and her ever getting together i don't know what i should really do as for right now. I don't want to just up and say so because that would make a bit of an akward situation. and today is her birthday so ill just have to hold out on everything for the time being.
well, everything went down on labor day weekend people. what happened was as follows. I had to work because im part of a less wealthy family and the girl was going to be in my town on the same days that i had to work. Well, i ended up working nearly 24 straight hours. and that guy that was supposedly her friend also lives in my town. Well, those to got together and for her birthday present he sang her a song with the help of some of my other friends. After that, i wasn't there but she told me that, she actually asked him out and that she kissed him. Well, im like fuck that, i got really pissed off, as a matter of fact, i was so damn mad that as soon as i heard, i just stopped talking, got up, walked out of my backdoor, and punched a brick wall as hard as i could, my knuckles hurt pretty badly now. But the news isn't over yet. Those two came over to my house while i was at work and they rode around in my brothers car which is really our family car. And that was the straw that broke the camels back. After i went for a walk i made a plan, and that plan was to fuck this other guy up. When i got home i started to talk to the girl on the internet again. I told her that i was so pissed off and that i hated her for what she had done to me (not that she cared of course). Afterwards i went on to say that i was ready to just kill somebody, as in beat the hell out of them. And her uncle is a cop, she saved the convo i had with her and is sending it to her uncle who will try to stop me but who's efforts will be in vain. So, as far as talking to the guy goes, i love this part personally by the way. He starts to talk to me on the internet, and the first thing he asks me is "are you threatening me?" I said, "will if i want to, fucking do something about it" at this time, he probably shat his pants because the very next thing that he said was, "im saving this convorsation and giving it to our school principal" I said fuck school, fuck the principal, fuck the police this had nothing to do with school and that i have plenty of money to pay off a ticket from work that weekend. he is so fucking afraid of me for just that. However, after agreeing to not speak of our matters to others, to the school principal he decided to go and tell everybody that i made a death threat to him. ya know spreading rumors. for now i can't do anything to harm him, because i have been working on a school transfer into a much more productive place and to do so i need a clean record. But when i get into that school and if i find that fucker by himself ever, im going to break them legs.

and its not just about the girl either, its about the way he has always been. the girl just helped push me over the edge.

for now as you may see i am patiently waiting, and i have found a friend, which happens to be that girls uncles, who happends to be the cop, daughter. ironic, don't ya think.


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The_Observer said:
I was watching the news about two weeks ago and for some reason they had done a bit of an examination i suppose to determine whether or not guys and girls, both being straight, can be friends. However, I didn't get the chance to see what their verdict was. What do you think, is it possible for straight men and straight women to just be friends?
id say yes. im friends with my latest ex, her bf doesn't like the idea, but as long as there is no sexual attraction its possible.