Friendship blues


Before continuing, keep in mind, this happened a very long time ago, so it isn't really a Life Sucks thread as much as it is a Life Sucked thread.
When I was a high school Junior, I remember admiring a girl for her artistic talent, so I wanted to be her friend, but long story short, it didn't work out. The reason was that: during occasional lunch times, I would hang and eat around her friends, hoping to become part of her group, but this only grew suspicion and dislike at me. I became aware when she told one of her other friends outside this group to tell me that she didn't like me and thought I was a creep, despite us having known each other and spoken to each other on several occasions, even working together one summer. I thought she would understand that I wanted to be a part of her friend group but was too nervous to ask, but she didn't. I wanted to work things out and talk them out, but she didn't so that was the end of that.

There was so much I could have done to alleviate that situation. It wouldn't have existed had I just asked somebody to help me gain the confidence to ask, "Hey, can I hang out with you guys?" Because of the situation, I could have asked a faculty or staff member to be a moderator in a discussion between us, that would have been a big help, and maybe we could have been friends and my interest in becoming an artist could have been cultivated.

At least I did have friends in high school, plenty of them. So many of them were in my AP classes with me and we'd stay after school learning together. I just wished I'd gotten a much higher score in my AP test, but I had fun anyways. Not all the times were bad, and my experiences with that situation only counted for less than 0.001% of the time I spent in high school. I had a good time!


There's a very good chance that I don't care.
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