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FUCK!!! Bad Day!


smart drunk
fuck man the other day i decided to go mountain biking through the bush and after a few hours my pedal snaps off luckily i'm near a road and i had my mobile so i called my friend to pick me up and on the way home the cars breaksdown(in the middle of nowhere) so i called another friend to pick us up but it took like all day for him to get there cos he cldn't get a car for ages. And i was completely hungover to make it worse and on NEW YEARS DAY HOW FUCKT??? i admit its not tht bad but still i was pretty pissed

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Glad to see your making more sense than from your last post :thumbsup:

I Hate The FCC

Homo est Deus
That must have sucked, but at least you got to spend a day with your friends.