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Fuck Fox Hunting!!!

The Xephon

Banned - What an Asshat!
as a few of you know, recently a law was passed against fox hunting. personally i agree with this ban. but there are a whole bunch of people who don't. they're entitled to their own opinion and thats fine, but what really pisses me off are these people who just are really blind to it. e.g. I attend an agricultural university, and hip hip horray i have lectures on chickens. We were told how capons were castrated. Hook up the ass and balls ripped out, something along those lines. but in the next lecture there is this toff git, all pro-fox hunting and shit, and he's like, "dude thats so gross what they did to those chickens, how painfull..." and what i don't get is, he finds that cruel and inhumane yet he's all for taking a pack of dog and enjoys watching a defenceless fox get ripped apart all in the name of this retarded sport in which all participants (in my opinion) should be fucking SHOT!:fuckoff: !! Thank you


Oppressing your posts...
I just want the ban on assault rifels lifted.. its much too hard to kill deer with dynamite...


Sorry, I didn't read all of that, I've got blood on my glasses from the kitten I just choked to death.