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fuck having bros and sisters and dads


retarded since '93.
my dad always bitches and yells at ME whenever my older bro or younger sis did whatever it is. yes, im a middle child and for that i know my life sucks for it. he always has something for me to do and i barley am lucky to get on the computer at least 3 hours a day anymore. and then theres school... i dont want to get into that.

my brother is always either hitting me mentaly or physically (mostly physically) hes always turning off the computer whenever he has to get off and i have to restart it. that sucks. plus hes an asshole to just about anybody he sees. he plays runescape all the time and it pisses me off.

my sister is just a bitch. nothing else to say about it. shes a tattle tale who wont shut the fuck up about stuff i dont care about. i always want to kill her and if ya lived with her, you'd agree with me.

im just saying this to get it off my back.