WTF ... IS WTF!?
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fuck it.

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That Guy
i'm sick of people posting inane, illegible bullshit about their pathetic lives, in such a manner that it's not readable and you spend half an hour trying to decipher it, only to discover afterwards that what you just read wasn't worth reading at all.

if you're gonna post something, post something that can actually be read and understood, and something worth reading... not stuff about how you hate your school cause they give you too much homework or stuff about how you hate your mommy cause she didn't give you money. it's a rant site, not an illegible bitch and whine site.

insipid fucknuts.


No Title Needed
eyah tlallt them laoser who psost illevale bullshit and you canteven readwhat theresaying cuz they dont yousepunctutation and they dtype draell tsfast so you cante read tti.

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