FUCK!!! My district is run by morons!!!! FUCK!!!


FUCK!!! :mfinger:

My school district is run by complete fucking morons!!! They spent the entire year's budget already!!! Not only that, but they spent it on increased teacher salaries and fucking sports.

I'll make this straight: the sports department is fucking rolling in cash, they have every major and a shitload of minor sports. The players get so much shit they don't need, while the academic department is rolling in it's own filth.

They're considering making it a 5-period day next year(s), which is bullshit. They means I won't meet UC (I live in Crapifornia) standards and won't get accepted anywhere.

These fuckers are running classes into the ground. My Desktop Publishing class (only reason I'm at that school) didn't make a mandatory lab fee at the beginning on the year (like they should've), and NOW we have no money left for printing cartridges or even paper. It's extremely pathetic to see your teacher literally BEGGING your fellow peers for money.

East Side Union High School District....here's to you. :gun:
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your on the right track, just keep bitching, but in the right places, and eventually theyll do what you say (im not being sarcastic)


My school is so pathetic. I really cannot find one word that sums it up so well. My school is fucking cheap and teachers are on power trips. And they wonder why i click it so hard at them. One incident where i mouthed off at a teacher i literally smashed shit off the relieving deputy's desk because she wouldnt listen to me. Everything she says u had to agree with her. She can suck my dick the fucking bitch. And the interesting thing is that i got off that day with only a senior discipline card, when rightfully i should have recieved a 24 day suspension. I've been raised to treat those who deserve respect with respect. Anyone that demands it (the teachers at my school) Deserve every bad thing i have done to them. I have tried to get into a different school, one that is local and many of my friends go there, but numbers were full. When comparing my school to theirs, its likes comparing panadol to morphine. My school does nothing for its students literally. Thats why I am proud to have left that fucked up shithole, to join the workforce. So much more details i could give but the subject simply makes me think violent thoughts.