FUCK!!! My school's policy on using the bathroom! FUCK!!!


Another ranting about those fuckers at my school.

It appears now if you need to use the bathroom during class you must use it during a "convienent" time, such as the middle 20 minutes of class. AND, if you're caught using the bathroom TWICE a week during the SAME class, you get detentions and a phone call home.
"Mom, I got caught using the bathroom..."

And not only that, they deny you access even it it's an emergency. For example, this girl in my math class today needed to go really badly. She was fidgeting, shaking, and sweating like hell, it looked like she was going to pee all over herself and her desk. So, 5 minutes after class begins, she raises her hand (which is shaking like hell) and asks if she can use the bathroom. This is that mother fucking teacher's response:

"No, lunch is next. Hold it until then." Yeah, lunch is in 40 FUCKING MINUTES YOU SIMPLE MINDED PRICK!!!

So she takes a stand.

She runs out as fast as she can screaming, "I'M GONNA EXPLODE!!!" and the teacher calls up Mr Louie (the pinheaded dumbfuck who busts kids for stupid things, like wearing a non school spirited hat, IE, no school logo on it, and for using the bathroom during 'inappriotate' times) and tells him a student just ran out and went to the bathroom.

This is the sad part, she peed in the bush RIGHT OUTSIDE our door. The poor girl was going to explode, literally, then she got busted but they let her go.

These fuckers are so goddamn stupid, and they wonder why their approval rating amongst students is less than 10%.

More fucked-up things from my really fucked-up school tomorrow.


Banned - What an Asshat!
This is not medically safe. I would consult with your parents and the school board. besides, dont they know that holding it in makes "it" shrink?


Banned - What an Asshat!
Why didn't she piss in the school's coffee instead?

That will show them she means buisness. :thumbsup:


If you gotta go you gotta go ... not really any point saying you cant use the bathroom. The only thing i can see from the school's perspective is that kids would bludge class, using the bathroom as an excuse ... but if a kid puts his/her hand up to go to the toilet, and is gone for the whole period... i think it would be fairly obvious.

My school allows us to go to the bathroom during class with the teachers permission ... so it depends on the teacher you have at the time ...


Click click boom
We get kicked out for having sex in the showers. Damn that sucks. Fuck em, honestly, fuck em. Just storm outta the class saying you gotta go and if they stop you, go on the floor. :thumbsup:


dustinzgirl said:
This is not medically safe. I would consult with your parents and the school board. besides, dont they know that holding it in makes "it" shrink?
I don't think she has to worry about that. It can also cause damage to the prostate, another thing she doesn't have to worry about.


if i were you, i'd ask the class to drink LOADS of water before class to have a peeing session together, where everyone can pee on one another and fucking drown the whole school. peeing rocks.
fuck your school. go pee on your principal's drink or somethin.
holding your pee in your bladder for too long will also cause your fluids to go back up to your kidneys, causing fucking pains and damage to them. i had to hold my pee for freaking TWO hours during an exam a couple of years back. and it wasn't pleasant.
fuck, i hope yall will get kidney failure and bloody hell sue your school.