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Does anyone's life suck as bad as mine? Out of the seven relationships that I have had in my lifetime, I have been cheated on with five of them and used by the other two. I am a great guy that always treats women like angels but this shit still happens! My most recent ex is in the hospital for drug abuse and is blaming me for it. I am currently suspended from school for two weeks for getting punched (I was punched, didn't do anything, didn't think too much on it. Then I got punched again with a cop walking by, and I got the same punishment as the fucker who hit me). My parents are pissed, ex is in the hospital, suspended from school and work for that matter because my parents won't let me work. Can life get any worse? Death almost seems like a positive alternative...


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Since you are talking about getting suspended, I assume you are in high school. Things are really are not that bad. You are probably not paying rent, not paying for life insurance, not paying for a car, and the rest of utilities that most be paid when you grow a little older. So, for now I suggest you enjoy life to the fullest extend of how lenient your parents are.

As for your love life situation. I would be pretty damn happy you had one to kiss and maybe had sex with. If they cheated on you, this probably mean they were, one: too young to love you. Two: tired of you and didn't have the balls to tell you. Don't worry about it. In regard of your ex, if you guys are still friends, you should help her with her drug situation. If you are not longer friends, just move on and don't mess with it. If you didn't make her do drugs, it is not your fault she got into drugs in the first place and if she doesn't want your help, why would you even waste your time on it?

Many kids get suspended for worse than that. My question is why in the world did you let him hit you twice? I would have at least gotten a few punches in. Since you got the same punishment, might as well gotten something out of it. You will be ok, I got suspended many times from school, and I am doing pretty good. Well, I ended up posting on wtf.com! :D

You will work for the rest of your life until you die, I suggest enjoying the times when other people pay for the shit you will be paying until you die.