Fuck those families.


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I work at **a sandwitch shop/national chain** and I fucking hate it when these fucking families come in and have their fucking little shitty-ass mini-me's running around and making a complete fucking mess. Then those dumb-ass spoiled kids are so fucking picky about their god-damn food. "Too many pickles", "I didn't want tomatoes" (after being asked if they wanted everything that came on the sub). Their parents don't even control them at all, and let them just do whatever the hell they want. If you own a family, don't fucking bring them to a god damn resturant unless you have a big fucking paddle at your house which you can use as a painful threat if your little vagina-turds start acting up. EIther that, or I'm going to disipline those little fuckers myself. :gun: :sword:


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Alrighty then, I'll have two of the 6"-beat-me-sensless-subs, hold the mustard.
Hey, I think I overflowed the toilet dude, you might want to get on that.

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I'm a teen, but some people are so fucking stupid. You decide what you're gunna get, tell the person what you want, take your food, and shut the fuck up. My mom changes her mind ALL the fucking time and it pisses me off. Like she gets a hamburger and she doesn't like pickles and it has pickles on it, and she waits in line for like 10 fucking minutes and asks them to give her another. Wtf, just take the pickles off yourself, it doesn't ruin the whole damn burger.