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Fuck you Marilyn Manson

I used to like Marilyn Manson until I heard him butcher one of my favorite songs. Five To One by The Doors is a classic. Manson turned it into a shitty heavy metal song. Fuck you Manson. You ruined an excellent song. you turned into shit. You destroyed it. I hope none of you have to hear his version of it. It revolts me. Manson will never be as good nor will he be remembered 33 years after his death. Burn in hell Manson. :thumbsdn:
marylin manson is a fag. his songs barely make any sense. and he's fucked up. he had his lower ribcages removed so he could give himself a blowjob. :confused:


Click click boom
well, MM is going to hell. dont know if he'll burn though. he's gonna be satan's sex slave. you know that. i know that. the rest of society knows that.

MM + :sfork:= worldly vengeance
Descent said:
He is truly amazing in that. I had no clue he was that smart until I saw him in that.
Do not place every idiot that makes one intelligent comment, in the category of a “smart people”. Everyone gets lucky, and says something smart from time to time. Besides, you do realize that most likely this jackoff, has someone behind the scenes, making sure he doesn’t say something stupid, right?

Allow me to highlight something.....

bigck3000 said:
.....I've never heard anything clever or original from him.

NEVER has ANYTHING clever or original come out of his mouth, or any other orfice he was born with, or had custom installed. Bowling for columbine was just a publicity thing for him. He is like one of the wastoids from my highschool that thought they were supergeniuses in the thrall of drugs, spouting this pontificating bilge that nobody gave a fuck about. I would rather attempt to devine the future from the patterns left on the sidewalk from groupie vomit (similar to reading tea leaves, only ultra disgusting) than listen to his music, hear his voice, or see his face.


Oppressing your posts...
whatever manson does doesnt really concern me.... butchered a doors song? i wont listen to it.. doesnt stop me from enjoying the beautiful people, or some of the covers he has done well with such as tainted love or sweet dreams... but he is a fag so whatever...