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fuck you, registrar

so i woke up at the ASS CRACK of dawn the other day to register for all of my classes for next semester, and i was told that they were cemented and went back to bed. later that afternoon i signed on and they were ALL DELETED. GONE. and when i went to bitch to the idiots in guidance, they told me that they couldn't do anything to help me because i hadn't hit "submit"? so i'm on the "wait list." "wait list" is code for SIGN ON EVERY TEN MINUTES FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND TRY TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES AGAIN. there is no order to it, and it's not automatic. fuck you, johns hopkins. for $43,000 a year, i'd like to at least be able to register for ONE MOTHERFUCKING CLASS.


You could always be an idiot for free. :p

The downside is- it'll cost you the rest of your life.
Don't give up. Stay in school.
Don't give up. Even if you can't register for a class or two, I would still recommend attending the classes you want. Then, if somebody drops out, you can take his place without having missed any of the lectures. Unless your school has a policy against that sort of thing, in which case, I apologize.
Man, if that's what I have to look forward to then I leave high-school, I don't wanna leave! That must suck. but things like that happen to everyone - sorry about your luck so far, and I hope it improves :)