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Fuck_You for life


<Poop12121> Hey look its Junglizm
<Poop12121> Hes still here
<Poop12121> Hey - Wheres jason or brit?
<Junglizm> who are you?
<Poop12121> Fuck_You
<Poop12121> banned asshat
<UBallinGe> Hmm.
<Junglizm> lol
--- Junglizm sets mode +m
<UBallinGe> ha ha ha
<UBallinGe> ooops.
<zoloftcas> weeeeeee
<Junglizm> You were a moron on the forum, why would we want to talk ot you in irc?
<UBallinGe> Bachizzle my nizzle
<UBallinGe> izzle
<UBallinGe> fa shizzle
--- [a|ien] sets ban on *!*
<[a|ien]> When Poop12121 was made, a huge glorious thundering voice sounded from the heavens above and said:
<-- Ayu has kicked Poop12121 from (Banned)
<[a|ien]> Oops...