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On TV Fugget About It - A shit show

Fugget About It is a terrible animated sitcom made in Canada. It's the low tier Family Guy clone that hams up the on-screen vomit, curse words, and material. It's ghoulish to watch and brings up equally ghoulish topics.

For example, one season 3 episode I saw featured a main family character throwing away vaccinations at a school since she believes it causes autism. The kids become sick, which the character is taken out of the room, so she gets sick too. Meanwhile, right after she's removed, in the same scene, a hazmated man comes in with a flamethrower and the viewers minds are forced to imagine the rest as the show moves to the A plot, a really boring one.

There is so much lost potential to be subtle and less like Family Guy, which is miles better, even today, compared to Fugget About It. The former capo in witness protection idea could have been better worked, but no.

TL;DR: Canada sucks!
Unfortunately, yes. Luckily, there are way fucking better mafia shows, animated sitcoms, Family Guy clones, grossout shows, and Canuck shows.


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
I haven't seen this, I will check it out.

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