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Fun game, currently in alpha -Silkroad Online


Soul Doubt

Silk Road Online...
Basically you're chinese. Fight monsters in china (old china... samurai style) ...

Note : System Requirements
Min. Specification
CPU Pentium 3 800MHz or higher
RAM 256 MB
VGA 3D speed over GeForce2
Sound DirectX 9.0b Compatibility card
HDD 3GB or higher
(including swap and temporary file)
OS Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP

With those it will still run slow ...
Check out the screenshots on the main website... Looks amazing and you get a little bit of a mythology lesson in Ancient Chinese Myths with this game too ... :thumbsup:
Looks cool. Downloading it right now I'll post my judgement on it later.


Soul Doubt
It doesn't get good until level 5 or so when you can start casting magic... Right now my dagger (hits twice, for half the damage of a sword) does about 50 damage per hit, with lightning enchants lol... at level 9...