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Fun in the highway.


Banned - What an Asshat!
This past weekend I went to Olrando to spend the weekend with my family. We went to Sea World and had a blast. On our way back, this two girls, model looking type of HOT girls passes us on the highway. I asked my friend if saw them, he said nah. So I sped up so he could see them. We kinda played that passing game. Until they flashed us! Then, one of the girls the one that wasn't driving took her pants off! Then she took her G-STRING off. All off this while we were doing almost 85mhp.

They took picture of us, and my camera was in the trunk, so we couldnt take pictures of them. We did this for about 20 minutes. Then another car passed us both. The girls sped up and played the game with the other car. We ended up with nothing! :( Anyway, still fun though! :thumbsup:
Oh wow. I'm never flashing anyone again. I never really considered the possibility of someone taking a picture of it. Yikes!