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I'm surprised this game wasn't established here already. Any way, it's simple and some of you have probably played it before. You pick a word, make an acronym from it, and the next person has to use a word from the acronym you created. For example:


Declaring Your Ignorance, Now Go

The next person would make an acronym from the words Declaring, Your, Ignorance, Now, or Go. You may use commas (,), exclamations (!), question marks (?), and apostrophes (') in your acronyms.

Try to have the acronyms make some sense and have a flow. Spell the words correctly too! Since this place doesn't have spellcheck, go here if you're uncertain about a word

Now, onto the real game:


Trivial Responses Attract Sad Hordes
I figured this game may have existed here before...oh well. To continue for the hell of it:


Sick Townsman Upsets Delicate Environment, No Treatment Suitable