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Fun with Spyware


You're my number two
I finally had the notion of letting one of the spy/adware vendors know how I feel. The vendor in question is "180solutions" Maker of "N-case". I also figured I would have some fun while getting my message accross. This was at their website under the "How do I distribute n-case" area. Just thought you folks might get a laugh out of this.
The email was written, addressing the fact that on their website, they make distribution of N-case sound like some kind of value added service.
Here's How the email went:

Dear 180solutions,
I would like to know how I can go about obtaining ncase so that I can, like so many others distribute it embedded in a seemingly benign application.
My goal is to pry into other peoples business and leech information.
I also like ncase's system performance degradation feature. Who can live without the free built in; "msbb.exe file is linked to the missing export wininet.dll" Error message.
I would also like to provide for my clients, ad windows open up faster than they can close them. We all love that!! Please contact me so that I may provide this "valuable Service" for people ASAP.


lexicon incognito
now do the same with dealhelper.

and tell me how it goes.

we should all fucking just DDoS their domains endlessly.

~ dan ~


Hella Constipated
We should DDoS them, fucking hack them, and put pr0n all over their servers. Death to the evil people! Oh, I forgot to mention that we should go and infect every single machine they have with the CIH virus, so their BIOS will be deleted.