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ok, so i went to school this morning because my schedule says I don't have Government today, which i thought i skipped yesterday. but as luck would have it, my schedule is completely fucked up, and i brought wrong shit for 7 classes. so im like
"well... fuck that"
and i escaped from school and went home, seeing my friends sitting in there car going like
"you fucking stupid"
so i come home and check my email, wtf!? sent me happy birthdays, and im like
"thats bad ass"
so i went skating in this park near to my house, and some old lady called the cops on me for no reason at all.... so i went home just in time to see the school call my house and leave a messege about how i was not in school, which i deleted.

so later on, my mom comes home and shes all 'you can't get on the computer anymore because your grades are gay"
so now im doing shit on the computers in the library.