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Funny naughty poems.....

There are all types of sex-
good sex,
safe sex,
kinky sex,
dirty sex,
Anal sex,
rough sex
and bondage sex.
But for someone like you there's

Sing a song of syphillis
a fanny fulla crabs
four and twenty blackheads twice as many scabs,
when the scabs pop open
the heads begin to sing
wasn't it a minging cunt to stick your penis in

It's not the length its not the size
its how many times you can make it rise


Those weren't appealing to me at all :thumbsdn:

p.s. why is this in the writers block?


Banned - What an Asshat!
If it were a good poem, then I would not mind, but this needs some serious, serious help. It reads like an 8th greader wrote it.