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So today during school i managed to PO my teacher twice. First i went into his room early and left this image sitting on his computer, for students to see. he gave me a detention:
(it's a picture of him that we edition to have him saluting and such, then yesterday i turned into an animated .gif)

anyway, this story gets funnier, as i also made it into a ytmnd, following the secret nazi fad (changed the image a little also) ( anyway, im showing to this kid during class, then he shows it to another guy and then Mr. Gracen walks toward the music, so i bolt. from what i've heard he is even more angry, however, he knows that he can't do anything about it. he can't get me in trouble because i didn't put it on the screen, and he can't make me take it down from the internets. i probably will though because he is one of my favorite teachers.