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Funny story


Banned - What an Asshat!
I was going to the school library and I stumbled across a chanter. So I listened into his chanting. He was saying "Anthony is a fag" over and over again. And I know Anthony. So I went up to him and told asked him why Anthony was such a fag. Then, he responded by chanting that I was a fag! So I told him he was a fag and walked away. . .

P.S. The look on his face when I called him a fag was hella funny. (he was shocked that I said that)


that story wasted a good 2 minutes of my life

i could have been masturbating.
countrygrl said:
That's ok until you get your mouse confused with your vibrator.
That's why they call it "Double Clicking your mouse".


HavokChylde said:
That's why they call it "Double Clicking your mouse".
Ha! Why of course! All shapes and sizes.
Back to that funny story...
That was such a dumb story I wanted to hang myself with barbed wire for reading the entire thing.
It pisses me off even more because I think even you know how much it sucked.
Why else would you add that useless P.S. ?
You probably added it after you read your piece of shit excuse for a thread and realized how fucking gay it sounded.

Argh and I READ IT. That's the worst part. Your thread sucked so much ass, I would hoping the P.S. would somehow explain something to me, perhaps alleviate some of the irritation, but it made your thread suck even more.

P.S. Your thread is bad, but not this bad. :thumbsup: I'm just sick of work.