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(True Story)

So, my man CL and I headed to the city this evening. First, we were dropping the kids off for the week with thier mom, and then we had plans of our own. We left the kids with hugs and kisses good bye, and did what all grown ups do when they have a few hours without any kids. We headed to the porn shop. In the porn shop, we bough special sauce for Gehtfuct, some pocket pussy for Max, and of course, some very expensive heating oils for Jason and Brit. And mabye a few toys for ourselves. We went to the car, holding hands and smoochy like young kids. Then we got into our mini van. I turn the key, and click click click nothing happens. I look down and realize, my love had left the lights on. Now, we are an hour from home, and it would take an hour for any of our family to get to us, then another hour from home. So, CL calls his ex-wife, who lives about ten minutes away from the porn shop to come give us a jump.

Have you ever had to call your EX with your GIRL and tell her you are stuck at the PORN shop?


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couldn't you get a jump from someone in the parking lot/store?

LOL hugely funny and embarressing!
i can see it now. car fully loaded; bulging under the immense weight of a porn shopping spree that maxed out at least one card. lube, tubes and all kinds of vibrators jutting out of the trunk and windows, the vast selection of gay, straight, bi, lesbo, big cock and prego porn sitting on the back seat all the while hoping "gosh i hope she doesn't notice we're at a porn shop."


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Actually, the ex was pretty cool about it. I can only imagine what she told her friends though. Fuck it. I don't know them.

I did ask one guy that was parked next to us. But I think he was on something or drunk. He did manage to tell me that he did not have any jumper cables though. Atleast that's what I think he said. He mumbled something, then fumbled for his keys and drove away. We seemed to have been the only ppl on that side of town. Nobody pulled into the driveway, so I called the ex. It was a little weird, but it didn't bother me too much. I could tell DG was a bit embarrassed. She handled it like a trooper though. :thumbsup:


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That's funny! Thanks for the laugh! You are rep'd!

Oh and to answer the question. No. That has never happened to me... Yet.