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Funny thought....(morons)

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blitzen9090 said:
im just stating the truth, if you cant think of a good response then stfu!

yeah got to love that truth... :rolleyes: gee, i never realized that all aborted pregancies would would have yielded only democrats... and yes im sure you get plenty of girls becuase of gay marriages


blitzen9090 said:
I used to have a serious problem with gay people because they were always in my face trying to make me respect them....then another thought hit me....HEY! MORE WOMEN FOR ME!!! can i get an "amen" on at least that?

how about a MORON? hopefully someone will take some of your rights away, because it suites their religion. i've never met someone who "always had gay people in their face trying to get him to accept them", maybe you just haven't realized your true calling yet. but don't worry, there is nothing wrong with being gay. the only "funny thought" that comes to mind, is that you were actually serious.

p.s. if you think Bush hasn't lied then you really are a moron.
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