Offbeat Gambling Linked to Good Health in Elderly


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UNCASVILLE, Conn. - It's Friday at the Mohegan Sun casino, and most of the daytime gamblers are retirees like 73-year-old Mike Sanzo. He's checking out the day's races, while his wife hits the slots.

Sanzo says he gambles for fun and enjoys the friends he's made among other regulars at the casino since leaving his job installing signs for the state highway department.

"I'm retired, and it exercises my brain," he says.

He's an example of what a surprising Yale University study found — older recreational gamblers seem to be healthier than non-gamblers.

The findings are not rock-solid. They're only based on telephone interviews, but the results are the opposite of what researchers expected. The survey showed that recreational gamblers 65 and older reported being in better health than their peers who don't gamble. The older gamblers also reported less alcoholism, depression, bankruptcy and imprisonment than younger recreational gamblers, Yale epidemiologist Rani Desai said.

Desai cautioned that more study is needed to conclude that gambling can be a healthy venture, and those who help gambling addicts are skeptical.

But the social aspects of gambling — whether it's slot machines at a casino, poker games with friends or bingo at a church hall — may be an explanation for how the study turned out, Desai said.

"There's this whole concept of healthy aging — that folks who continue to remain engaged in activity, especially in the community and in social activities, stay healthier longer, so I think this is a reflection of that. It's not that gambling makes you healthy, it's that gamblers are healthier," Desai said.

Think it's possible that people who are "already" healthy, are capable of activities like gambling?

Sounds like bad science...


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That's good. My grandfather shoots crap after a nice plate of cabbage.


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My friend has craps on his cell phone.

Needless to say, it isn't half as good as playing dice.

Anywho... I think this is like the often-mentioned study showing that "Swallowing sperm increases I.Q."

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I'm sure that sitting in a smokey bar-like atmosphere for hours on end is wonderful for you... and if you lose.. you might have a heart attack or develop ulcers...
"I'm retired, and it exercises my brain," he says.
WTF.. most old people I see at the casino play slots.. that cannot possibly exercise the brain.. maybe if they were playing a card game they might have a little brain activity...

come on.... Granddaddy needs a new hearing aid