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Gamecube, PS2, or XBOX

Which do you prefer?

  • Gamecube

    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • PS2

    Votes: 7 41.2%
  • XBOX

    Votes: 9 52.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Click click boom
playstation's good for one fantasy. period. that's it. dreamcast is so damn stupid. xbox is the best.

Last in the dictionary, first in my heart.


while I own a gamecube, I personally believe that the xbox is better. Mostly because of the games, the gamecubes are so goddamn kiddie.

10 stars

Enraged before the storm
Everyone chill, let the real gamer talk.

Gamecube has one good "adult" game released, Resident Evil 4.

Gamecube though, has shitty gameplay on most games, and is a rather childish system, also its not a well balanced game for graphics.

Playstation 1 isnt a graphic oriented system, they go more for gameplay.
(i still play suikoden 1 on playstation)

Playstation 2 is well balanced on graphics and gameplay, but unfortunately is more of an rpg system.

Xbox on the other hand is the best with graphics, has good gameplay, and is all around a balanced system.

Dreamcast was a great system for all types of games, and had great gameplay, the only reason it loses to xbox is because of the graphics.

I dont prefer graphics though, i see no point in giving up perfect gameplay for some nice graphics. i would rather fly around two triangles that are green and yellow if its fun.

So all in all i couldnt prefer a new system, because all of their games is just adding on to the originals, a.k.a. the best.

I would rather have super nintendo regular nintendo sega and sega cd.

with those 4 systems, that are in all cheaper then any of the new systems, i could have great rpgs (such as lunar the silver star and the secret of mana.), great walk through beat em ups (such as brawl brothers and streets of rage 2), Great side scrolling shooters (ranger X is the best) AND any other stupid ass side game you want to think of, such as comix zone (a game you may NEVER find).

Those systems have games you could replay and replay and keep liking, because the games are good.

Not to mention the games are pennies compared to xbox and ps2 and gamecube.

But why spend 50 bucks on a game like fable (dont get me wrong fables great) when you could spend 10 and get 5 rpgs that you can beat and beat again.
Once you beat a new game like Fable, theres not much point of playing it again, you see what happens if you choose good, and you see what happens if you become evil.

id prefer the originals, which i have all of, and yes i own an xbox and a dreamcast.

Gamecubes shit.

Im not too into rpgs so i dont need a ps2.

and DAMN that was a decently long post. :thumbsup:

10 stars

Enraged before the storm
Janglenut said:
Or you could get an Xbox with all of the old systems on it....

Tht would also be pointless, because the new mod chips including the hardware and to have it installed and to have it uploaded, would cost you around 500 bucks (including regular price of the xbox)
Its cheaper to buy an xbox and the old systems seperatly, not to mention new xbox systems dont work with some mod chips.
I know, and i need to stop taking systems apart.


I play PS2 and XBox, but I also keep a PS1, Sega Genesis, SNES, and an NES around. I find myself playing the classics more than I do the PS2 and the XBox.

I'm playing Genesis now. :)


The Iron Lung
Resident Evil zero is tight....Windwaker is tight....Resident Evil 4 is fucking amazing. Soul Calibur is fun as hell. I heard Paper Mario 2 was fantastic. Gamecube is underated....the somewhat kiddie games kinda overshadow everything just gotta look. I've got all three but I kinda keep the xbox running a little more.

10 stars

Enraged before the storm
resident evil zero sucked.
they tried to hard, and failed.It was a pitily miserable game.

and soul calibur is a multi platform game, so its automatically ruled out.
Besides, xbox had the best copy of sc2 with spawn.
Ps2 had heihachi, boo.
Gamecube had noone better to put in besides link, dont get me wrong links pimp and all, but they made him out to be a scrub character in sc2, so he sucked.