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Banned - What an Asshat!
I came here in a time of peace,
we fought the enemy hard and strong,
we all agreed that people like bush,
should deffinantly die.

but now.
i sit here preaching through song,
although im a noob,
we need to come together.

we need to fight "the man"
not each other.
we are a battle ground,
there is no greater war,
no greater cause,
just to make others below us,
not raising ourselves.

theres too much fight,
too much hate,
and too much flame.
kill the dragon,
not the other knights.

and i end this little diddy,
hopefully on a sweet note,
plz dont fight us,
fight the man.

(do not pos rep me, give me words)


Angel of Death
eh, not rating the subject matter... cause i see things diffrently than you do.

However I did find it lacking in a lot of areas. It like a rewash of the 60's. It doesn't provoke any other thought then yeah i agree bush sucks, nor does it discribe a need for banning together.

I did like the "I shall end this on a sweet note."