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Gehting out of a DWI


You're my number two
Of course we all know the best way to avoid a DWI is, not to drive impaired. But, I recently heard a wacky way that someone apparently avoided one. I'm curious what you folks have heard will keep you from getting a Dee Wee.

She was driving home after some drinks and got pulled over. In her panic she sprayed some orange scented "Ozium" air freshener into her mouth. She knew she hade well enough to be considered impaired, but yet she passed the Breathalizer test.


:offtopic: Sorry but I happen to notice your sig....GREAT song!! :)
As for the DWI......the only way I know how to get out of one is DONT get one!! LOL.....BUT if you find yourself in that type of situation best to have a great lawyer ( if there is such a thing )......... :)