Headlines Genesis space capsule plunges to Earth


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Im surprised no one has already posted on this:
DUGWAY PROVING GROUND, Utah - A space capsule holding what scientists hoped would be clues to the origin of the solar system fell to a crash landing on Earth Wednesday after its parachute failed to open.

A pair of helicopters, helmed by stunt pilots, had been ready to snatch the refrigerator-sized parachute with a hook as the Genesis capsule descended. But there was no sign that the parachute opened, and video from the scene showed the 452-pound (205-kilogram) capsule hurtling toward the ground at the military Utah Test and Training Range. The capsule broke open on impact.

The $260 million Genesis mission was bringing back to Earth a set of fragile disks containing billions of atoms collected from solar wind, the first cosmic samples to be returned to Earth from beyond the moon.

Now, the fate of those atoms is uncertain. NASA officials believed the disks would shatter even if the capsule hit the ground with a parachute.

“There was a big pit in my stomach,” said physicist Roger Wiens of Los Alamos National Laboratory, which designed the atom collector plates. “This just wasn’t supposed to happen. We’re going to have a lot of work picking up the pieces.”
Watch it here.

Man that really sucks....three year mission downt he toilet....im sure Mr. Weins is going to have a few beers tonite..


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That sucks. All that research could be lost.

The worst thing is that those atoms that did escape, will cause us all to turn into flesh eating mutants.
For those of us that escape that fate; every day will be a fight for survival.


Baba Yaga
One thing they're working on for long range ground roving, is a very simple probe that would launch a large number, of small simple rovers in.
The base probe would land, open, and launch several small rovers. The rovers would set off in different directions. Along the way they would drop small Wireless LAN access points; a string of them, in bridge mode. By leaving these Radio relays, Data radioed back to the base probe can be sent from greater distances than ever. It's a simple relay. And because it's IP data, there's no signal degradation. The base probe with a much more powerful transmitter, would relay the data to earth.
It's all part of NASA's plan to build more numerous, and cheaper, probes using les exotic technology.


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wow, proof that you should not put all of your faith into a parachute.

I think NASA does a pretty god job, even if they make mistakes, they are traveling in new territory, so that is to be expected.

Plus, NASA invented aluminum foil and plasitic wrap, so from a homemakers point of view, they totally rock!!