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Get Foxie, cause IE sucks.


In Memory...
[font=arial,helvetica][/font] said:
[font=arial,helvetica]Plugin Lets Users Turn IE into Firefox[/font]

from the imitation-is-the-highest-form-of-flattery dept.
An anonymous reader writes "There is a new plugin available for IE that can make Internet Explorer resemble Firefox by adding tabbed browsing capabilities and an integrated search box. Moreover, the plugin improves IE's privacy and security by integrating a firewall designed to block out Internet exploits, phishing sites, spammers, spyware and worms, with a special HTTP filter that removes private data, and an anti-spyware tool that can identify and remove all pests in less then 10 seconds"
Ha! I think we all saw a conversion kit type dealy for IE in the near future, I just didnt know this near.