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Get the HELL out!!!


When my sister comes home from college on breaks it's just hell. She picks fights just for fun and she can't ever leave me alone. She steals my stuff, messes up the house with all her shit, and wears everyone else's clothes. My brother just yelled at her for wearing his brand new hoodie that he got for christmas and hasn't even worn yet. She came in my room last night and dumped a full glass of water on my floor cuz I was talking to someone on the phone. She's jelious that I talk to guys. I was falling asleep and she still wouldn't go. I finally yelled, "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM YOU BITCH!" All she said was, "I'm not the bitch here, you are." What the hell? I'm a bitch for going to work for 5 hrs. (not much, but when you're working with a bunch of sick toddlers...) then I come home and clean the whole upstairs including the bathroom that was mostly her mess, and clean my room spotless... yep... I'm a bitch. She's 20. I wish she'd just stay up in her little appartment with her schitzo roomate. (Yes, her room mate really is schitzophrenic. sp?) I wish she'd just grow the fuck up already. I'm really tired of her shit. I'm the younger sister, so why do I feel like I have to be her fricken mother? Even my mom has said before that if she had only had my sister she wouldn't be around anymore. She never knew that children could be any different than my sister and that we were her sanity's saving grace. That's harsh, but if you knew my sister, u'd agree. I'd go on, but this is already longer than I had thought it was going to be. Thanks for reading it all.


Banned - What an Asshat!
My sister always starts shit with me, its a waste of time, usually my parents bitch @ the both of us. Man, good times. :thumbsup:

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Well aint that a kick up the ass.... Your sis seems something i would have a mental breakdown at! (as i get rather stressed with alot of things)
I would cut all her hair off in her sleep :thumbsup: lol.. yeah just joking but it would be funny! and wouldnt know what hit her! ;)


Hella Constipated
No way! You need to do the prank...Beatings are worthless; they are only a temporary measure that is ineffective because of the legality of them. She needs to see a shrink. Just do the prank for your own personal enjoyment...Also, it may scare her into submission for a few days while you get everything in order. A beating would work too, but then you have to deal with community service and/or jail time. Not a good idea.


Take the Bus , BITCH !!
A evil Sis hum ??

Go and buy some rats !!! It worked fins with my sis .. awesome fun I can tell you !!
She runned around an yelled : Of fuck a mouse .. a MOUSE a M O U S E !!!!

Hell yeah !


Hella Constipated
1-CT said:
Go get some rats!!
Hey buddy, that isn't funny! I assume you know that rats are some of the best pets you can get, because they love people, have unique personalities, and never bite? They are like little handheld dogs, except they always stay cute and quiet. You just gotta get 'em as babies...They will bond with you very well then.

I was crying for two days after my first rat died :( . Hell, I still feel like crying now, I loved him so much. He was so sweet...
Being a male with a bitch of a sister, It sucks really it does But what else are sisters good for? what family stuff? Yea right thats funny.
No really it is. A sister for family. HAHA.
Ok point made.
She is a bitch. Not much you can do just sit back relax and take off your shoes and let her tell you what she is gonna do.