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GET THIS and gimme advice!!!


hello. i am my boyfriend, jim, s first proper girlfrined, first and only one hes done anything with . we have bin together for two years now, on and off with a big "off" in the past six months.
im 18 n hes in the year below me. he loved me sooooo muchfor so long and he was such a sweet guy n when we were apart i never stopped loving him. now we are back together, when he was drunk he told me i was the one n all this, which i stupidly believed and now he told me that he doesnt love me.
i dontknow how to feel. cos im PMT atm i stupidly got upset bout it which is stuupid but i cudnt help it cos i love this guy so much an d it was my fault we broke up. i dont understand why hes with me if he doesnt love me. he sez he just doesnt know yet but i dont know if i can wait cos i care about him so FUCKING much.
i was wondering is it possible to fall in love again with someone youve fallen out of love with?and should i wait around for this guy? cos we are great together and i know he cares about me so so much but theres no love there yet. you guys opinions please? and you can take the piss if you want but were all human and i know theres loads of petty bastards on here but i would really like some help on this one.


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If you have nothing else better going on for you, stay with him. If he, in fact, does not love you (likely) he may eventually find truth in that song lyric:

If you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one your with.


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Give it a try for awhile and see how he acts and how you feel with it, I could barely read that post but I think I got the jist of it..


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Be cautious, unstable relationships usually don’t work out in the end. :(


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lilstonerkat said:
i am my boyfriend
that pretty much sums it up. maybe if you spoke english we could help you out better.
sorry but girls are way more fucking confusing and I wouldnt complain if i were u, if u wanna know what a guy is feeling ask him, u should be glad ur not a guy or lesbian who have to deal with not getting an answer or the truth


lhe f

we have a great time together but he never gives me a big kiss goodbye or anything,... and thats what matters... :confused: