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Get Your Own Car!!!

Some jackass tried to steal my car the other night and it's costing me $327 to fix it. Oddly enough I had read a list of the most stolen cars in America a couple days before and different years of my car, an Integra, were on it 3 times. Time to get a different car.
I've had a car stolen.

1987 Toyota Celica.

Got 1200 bucks for it. Paid 1500 when I bought it.
instead of getting a new car..why not invest in some car security?

Edit: if your rich, go nuts on that new car.
I already have an alarm and an ignition kill switch on the car I've got and although it prevented the outright theft it still cost me $327 to fix the damage. Plus I'm kinda bored with the Integra and wouldn't mind getting an RSX-S


xSwatNinjAx said:
instead of getting a new car..why not invest in some car security?

Edit: if your rich, go nuts on that new car.

Shouldn't have to worry about that.

Fuck assholes in this world who won't work one honest day in their lives.

*I want the stolen celica, i love those damn things. *

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
SUcks. An asswad around here smashed a window out of my car about 3 years ago and stole the radio I had JUST installed, literally about a few weeks before. Needless to say, I smashed the car to pieces on I80. YEEHAA!
Yeah, I kinda wish the asshat would come back and try to steal it again so I could catch them and beat the living fuck out of them. It's like Vincent said in Pulp Fiction, "It woulda been worth them doing it just so I coulda caught them doing it."


drunk with a jeep problem
Back when i lived in MO there was a car thief ring where they would steal a car to take some where to steal a different car. They stole a friend of a friends car and did 6000 dollers worth of damage just to steal another car. They mannaged to strip the clutches out of the trans, and the motor threw a rod. The the ins. com. said they wouldn't pay for it since he got the car back.
Someone broke into my car once, dumbass left a fingerprint. The cops asked if I wanted to press charges, I said no ( cuz I knew where this asshat lived ) and had a little fun with his car..


Flame Shield ON!!!
I used to live in this apartment complex in TX before I moved to CA. btw where on I 80 did you wreck it? I live right off I 80. Anyways, I got a new radio put in my car and in three weeks it was stolen. There had been alot radio's stolen lately so I figured the dude lived in the complex. I called hte police and did the same old BS, they said they couldnt do anything etc. So about 3 days later I started looking in all the cars in the complex. Sure enough MY radio is in SOMEONE elses car. A beat up 198o-whatever carolla. I broke the window, fucked up the car and called the police saying i saw my radio in some other dudes car. :) Got my radio back :) Guess the sun even shines on a dogs ass some days. /me gives himself ^5. GG Kharma