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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex



yeah anime is really cool and awesome if you can understand it. yeah it's on adult swim on the cartoon network in the USA, can't figure out why, i mean it's not the slightest bit funny. it's a full-on serious series. broody herr!

this series is different, seems it's a high-tech police force, a lot like CSI in many ways. but for some reason the female lead choses on wearing a low-cut blouse and almost g-string panties, what's going on here?

one of the dudes in the police force wears goggles, or perhaps they're fake eyeballs, there's this other feller with wild flowing blonde hair. umm is this still a cartoon? i can't tell.

it's a very well executed idea, but i thought the japanese would weird things down a notch after that neon genesis bullshit. i still can't believe i watched that almost religiously!!!

this series is different. if you miss a few episodes it doesn't matter. you still understand the grand scheme of things.


dookie said:
yeah anime is really cool and awesome if you can understand it.
No, no. Still terrible. :happysad: