Ghost woke me up at 12.30am


I was almost at that point where thoughts become dreams when something made me wake up and open my eyes, like wide awake for no reason and as my eyes adjusted there is a fucking woman standing over me next to my FUCKING BED and there is a noise like “nuuuuuuu” or some shit and then I made some involuntary scared shitless noise, shot up and turned my light on making me go right through this figure to do so, I sat up in bed with my light on staring into the spot where the woman was, tired out of my mind but don’t think I blinked for like half n hour, I eventually decided to go to sleep with my telly on and volumn turned down 😣

This woman was older, in her 60s, short with blonde hair but not like a solid figure but translucent white.

Or my mind is playing tricks. In any case SOMETHING made me make a noise like one would if a bear jumped out at them. Shit I’m so tired today, kept waking up all night after that, must of been awake every hour.


The Original Fuck You Bomb
You just might want to change your marijuana intake,or at least something with less THC init before bed,
I believe in the paranormal but I dunno tho...were you watching ghostbusters before going to bed?