The Nights Mistress

Watching you silently, sleeping peacefully,
Dreaming your Dreams, mumbling your thoughts.
Waiting for the deamons to creep out of the shadows
And swallow you whole.

Seeing your pain, loveing the taste, eating your soul alive.
Trying to run, but finding your legs turning to stone,
Too heavy to run, too weak to hide.
They are the little bit of death inside your withered soul,
Invading your heart, sealing all that you know.

They infest you like fleas and sting like bees,
Taking the last pieces of you away from me.
Your nightmare takes hold, the peacfulness falls away,
You try and fight them keeping the demons at bay.
But for all that you did, it did not work.

They stole your soul while you slept.
Your not the same as you used to be,
Anger is now where happiness was, and hate took over your love.
Bitterness is the wall you put up to keep the lovce away.
I try and hold you, to tell you that I care, but you act as if I am not there.

Can you not see me, did I vanish like a ghost?
Why do we not talk any more, what did I do wrong?
Tears sliding down your cheek, as I reach out to touch your hand.
You stand up and put your coat on, and walk outside,
I follow you, trying to understand, then I look up
And I find myself in a different land.

Stones all around us some white, black, and grey,
Engraved with words, and this one says:
My beloved dear
Sleeping in heavens arms
To touch no more earthly pain....

Flowers all around, People bowed down and crying,
All of them I know, I wonder who they are morning.
Slowly looking at the last line, only to find my name upon it,
Starting to panic, losing my mind, wishing I was with you,
Until the end of time.

'Sel 2003'

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
Sel said:

They infest you like fleas and sting like bees,

"float like a butterfly and sting like when i pee"

- Peter Griffin.

any poem that kind remind me of Family Guy gets an A+ in my book.

good stuff regardless.


Trance Addict

Wayne Brady give that 2 thumbs up! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: