Gift exchange.........(co-worker style)!


Hooked on Rocks!
So every year we've been doin the gift exchange thing for the last five years, and it's been workin out fine and dandy! So this year we expanded our operation which meant the addition of another employee. So we hire this guy and he's kind of a creep (cruizes porn at work first thing in the mornin every day at work cuz dipshit is to cheap to pay for DSL) and the cheapest fuck around! So last week we drew names a hat to see who you buy a gift for,,,, right right! The limit is $20.00 if you spend more thats on you! So the new guy get the boss! No problem! RIGHT?? every one buys a gift for the person they drew from the hat, and we always individually buy the boss a gift...... So new guy approaches me yesterday and say "Hey TwisT, I was thinkin of buyin boss a $40.00 gift"... "Yeah that sounds great new guy go for it"! "Well I was thinkin we could all pitch in $6 and that would cover the cost so I won't take a big hit"!
WHOA!!! There are 8 employees x $6 bucks! WTF!!!! $48 bucks so he only has to cough up $6 for his share..... I already bought the boss a box of See's peanut brittle, and spent $30.00 on the person I got from the hat! The money part I don't care $6 ain't shit! But this cheap fuckin bastard is tyin to get us to pay for his gift..... WTF!!! DUDE YOUR A FUCKIN TARD!!!!

So tomorrow I'm lettin him take the hit ($40.00 ain't takin a hit to the wallet) Tellin him "Sorry dude, I decided to go with a box of peanut brittle your on your own"! LIKE WE DO IT EVERY FUCKIN YEAR YOU CHEAP SORRY ASS FUCK!