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ginger snaps


Banned - What an Asshat!
hmmm i was eating ginger snaps and i stared at one and noticed t looked suspiciously farmiliar. then i realized why. the cracks were the same as the last one. and the one before that.

they fucking artificially put cracks into my ginger snaps. this is a new mankind low. for two reasons.

1.they cant figure out how to have REAL crakcs in their ginger snaps
2.they figured it would look more real with fake cracks?


Trance Addict
That's our economy for you...

Most everything is made as cheaply as possible, if they took time to break each of them, some might break differently and mess up the production of the candy.

But I agree, that's kind of a lame ploy to make them look real. :thumbsdn:

Black Flame

Mayhem on the Loose
indeedy that is a new low.. but you gotta admit, it's better than those pieces of circle "bread" they use for the "grilled cheese" at mcdonalds with the fuckin arch emblem smooshed into it! at least the cracks don't make it so much less apetizing..