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Hooked on Rocks!
But it ain't the virgin mary!!!

Obdulia Delgado said she was driving home along Fullerton Avenue on April 10 after getting off work at St. Elizabeth Hospital when she saw the Virgin Mary on the wall. She quickly pulled over and examined the form, and then began praying. Delgado said she rushed home and told her husband, Fidel, what she saw.

Fidel Delgado said he was skeptical of his wife's claim until the two went to the site.

"I was just stunned," Fidel Delgado said at the underpass Monday morning.

Late last week, the couple, who live near the site, met with their priest from St. Francis of Assisi Church Obdulia Delgado said.

The priest told the Delgado couple that the image should be seen as a positive aspect of their lives, even though other people might be skeptical or poke fun at their claim.

After meeting with the priest, the two felt determined to spread the word of the image and late Sunday around 100 people gathered and knelt in prayer to see for themselves, Obdulia Delgado said.

Some people are taking pictures, inscribing their names and leaving flowers at the scene, but Satanic messages have also been left, NBC station WMAQ reported.

"It's a miracle. It's an image of something ... you can't describe it," Jose Recinos said.

Road specialists believe the marking may have been caused by salt or a water mark from expressway above, WMAQ reported.
It's a fucking water stain on a fucking wall with a little moss and mold for cryin out loud!

Now you'll see some cheap knock off tee's printed!

A sucker is born every fuckin minute! :mfinger:


In Memory...
Skitch0o0 said:
Man, if they'd pray to salt stains on an overpass, I wonder what they'd do the the sex stains on my bed sheets-
quit trying to make it sound like you have sex.....those are simply the result of masturbation before you go to sleep.


Way too hyper...
My left nut looks like John the Baptist.

My right nut looks like King David.

My girlfriends beaver looks like Samson (after Delilah took all his hair) :thumbsup:
it does from a distance, i dont like the satanic shit though
Yeah, seriously! Right next to the water coincidental. God, this kind of crap is everywhere!!! Toast, walls, mashed potatoes, I wish I could get something like that, then I could sell it on e-bay and make a lot of money.
Just like that one dude did with the toast. :thumbsup: