Gmail adding RSS/Atom feed reading




Evan Williams is seeing a new feature in his Gmail account: RSS feed reading. Those lucky enough to have gotten it can add feeds to display headlines at the top of their Gmail interface. Google has smartly monetized it, alternating evenly between headlines and text ads, giving you the best reason ever to actually look at an ad. Of course, its no substitute for a feed reader, but its still very helpful (kind of like the MyYahoo Deskbar). If Google is planning on adding a full feed reader to Gmail (and it should, since everyone else has one), it now already has a cool feature for it. Let me know when you guys see it.

Keep in mind, as a former Google employee, Evan got his Gmail right from the source, which means he could be getting this feature quite a bit earlier than you will, or ma even be seeing a test feature because they forgot to take him off some list.

I"ll probably never use this since I have my own feeds set up (found this article by one actually :D), but it's good to see Google adding more features and services almost weekly. GG Google. :thumbsup: