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Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Dick got a pleasant reception today while touring the gulf coast, captured by TV.. you may recall he told Pat Leahy to 'go fuck himself' on the senate floor so maybe the heckler was just trying to use a language Dick might understand.

Dick Cheney: "Go F--k Yourself"

Vice President Dick Cheney, in Gulfport, Mississippi on a tour of the Katrina hurricane zone was cursed out as he answered questions from reporters...



Raw Story has the transcript: Off camera, a protester shouts, "Go f--k yourself, Mr. Cheney. Go f--k yourself." The camera remains on Cheney while we hear scuffling in the background.

CNN's reporter asks Cheney, "Are you getting a lot of that Mr. Vice President?"

Cheney replies, "First time I've heard it., Must be a friend of John..., er, ah - never mind."

Cheney laughs it off, but there are many people dead that aren't laughing right now.


Yeah, I saw that news report. Were it not for the circumstances, it would be funny as hell.