Go out and enjoy the weather...


That Guy
yeah... i put this in here cause it kinda has to do with work...

i'm sick of people saying "go out and enjoy this nice weather while it lasts." or "it's such a nice day... why aren't you outside?" well, i'll answer the second question first... i'm not outside because i've been outside for the last 8 fucking hours working my ass off so i can make a mere 12 dollars an hour... yep... working in 40 degree celcius (about 100 F) for 12 dollars an hour. by the end of the day, i'm thirsty, i'm tired, i'm sore, and i want to be left alone... inside. none of this "it's so nice outside... why are you inside" bullshit. i'm sick of it, i'm sick of you, i'm sick of the heat, i'm sick of the sun, i'm sick of the blue fucking sky... i'm sick of it all.
as for the "go out and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts" part... well, we had one rainy day in the past 2 months... ONE rainy fucking day... so, honestly, i think it's lasted long enough. i hate it... i fucking hate it.


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You should get one of those umbrella-hat things.

I always wanted one of those, even though I wouldn't have the nerve to wear it in public.