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God of War!


Hooked on Rocks!
This game fucking rocks!! It's a little short but the dynamics, scenario's and theme of the game kick ass! Who the hell doesn't want to be the god of war through Greek mythology? For a PS2 game it looks very good and the rendering is a mother fucker! This game has kept me playin and Im almost done with it, fuck I hadn't fired up mr Playstation in a few months till I bough this game!

If you are holdin out for some reason DON'T any longer! This game is fuckin nutz and probably one of the best if not THE best button mashing hack'n'slash game to grace the PS2! :thumbsup:

recommended!! :beerchug:


Pyromaniac Extraordinaire
I couldn't agree with you more!! GOD OF WAR IS DA SHIT! Good hack n' slash, good boobs (cuz there's ALOT of 'em in this game), good action, good puzzles,' awsome graphics. There is nuffin' bad I can say about this game.

Tho, Devil May Cry 3 is a good action/adventure/hack n' slash/blow shit up game too. But you gotta admit, God of War does it on an epic scale. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: