WTF ... IS WTF!?
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good idea


ladies ladies ladies................................... what the fuck is wrong with you? From a couple observations of mine that i have been keeping lately the more a guy treats his girl like shit the more that she wants him. My best friend had his girl cheat on him right. He doesn't talk to her for about three weeks and then all the sudden he gets a phone call. He talks to her now, but he has been purposely treating her like shit. Yet she still calls him back. He does some of the cruelest stuff ever. he actually sits at home thinking of ways to piss this girl off. hell, after telling me about it i decided to join in on the fun. Now do take into concideration that he does love her and wants to be with her, but he wants her to sweat it out ya know. He doesn't want her to hook back up with him and then cheat on him again. So anyway, i told him to get her to tell him that she loves him and not only that, but i got him to get her to ask him out. I think that its a good idea cuz that way, even though he does love her and stuff, it makes it seem like he isn't going to wuss out and just be like i miss you so much and stuff. so anyway, can you answer me that question ladies, and guys feel free to add any input or stories that you may have to tell.
This thread has already been done to death! Please read the other threads before posting.......

In fact, it is the same as this one, word for word:

What the motherfuck!? Do you not know how to use a message board? :confuse:
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junglizm said:
Simply amazing.
What's that? His ability to copy/paste the exact thing another poster posted, or the fact that he did it on his very first post?


I'm just really nice.
If I was a rich girl....nanananananana!


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im thinking maybe he dreamt up the post ...only to realize someone else had already posted it...word by word.....i know...cccrreeeeeeeeeeepppyyyyy....[goose bumps]