Good Lil Reader


Angel of Death
You can not change it from that moment
that you read these words,
your are mine.
Trapped inside a world
of Demons and Angles
sex in heaven and hell,
fear and rage, mortal terror...
Egged on and brought to the edge
by beauty, love, and tainted attraction.
Words that spin and echo,
leading you down, further and deeper
exploring and prodding at your oneself righteousness.
For a moment you become touched, crazy,
otherwise gone, as you lose all remembrance of reality
sense of time, that is escaping and fleeting...
You just keep on reading...
like the good little reader.
Waiting until the end, when I will release you
when my mind, imagination, deep desire
are quite and subtle
and burned with inside of you.
Scared upon your soul
and twisted with in your thoughts...
for in this moment I have touched you...
I have kissed upon your lips
as they slowly repeat these words in silence,
making sense of something
that can other wise not be understood.
Just pure raw emotional words
that bring you this
the end, your release from my enchantment. :)