Good Luck

is it possible to get screwed over agian the same way by competly diff ppl.

  • no, but it would be funny

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Punk Ass

sometimes Blond
first off let me say it's good to be back.
Now i know i have the best luck in the world for getting fucked over.

the likely hood of theis shit happening to me twice in life has to be a curel and horrid joke.
why did my 1st and 2nd ex both cheat on me then get thier sluts knocked up and prapose to them. both bitch got the man the ring and the baby.

and what do i have...... my right hand and a box of donuts until i find the next asshole to screw me over.

they say that the 3rd time is a charm. i dont think i can hold on to my sanity if it happens again.
p.s i tryed to post a poll with this , if it messed up im sorry its my 1st time trying and if it doesnt show up at all just let me know if you think it will happen again


Well, I hope it doesn't happen to you again. Hehe. Next time just make sure u're the one who's preggers. Hehe. Wait....naw. Doesn't always end with a ring. Well, good luck!