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Good or bad

Big E

burner of random shit
Ok i need all your help to figure out if this is a good thing ok. Well theres this girl we have been friends for two years and we went out recently but her dad made us break up becase he said he liked me to too much to see me and her quit being fiends if we broke up. The only good thing is he trust me enought that he lets me stay the night over at her house, and leave us alone with only her nine year old brother who like video games so hes not with us a lot, but me and her still act like were going out shes doesn't ask people out and is protective of me and I do the same. So all Im really trying to get at is, is this a good thing?

P.S. Sorry if I misplaced this tread I havent posted in a while


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
It could be Good. It may take the dad a while to realize that you two like eachother to date, and maybe he will accept it one day. Since it's not "official dating" you can just have fun without the usual stuff involved in dating. Hell I take it back, it is Good! The good without the bad! Excellent!

Big E

burner of random shit
Well i treat her like shes my gf everytime I play poker any money I win I spend on her despite any of my personal wants, and her dad likes to mess with me one time we were in her room not doing anything and she went up to go get somthing she opens her door and here comes daddy with a double barrel lol he had a big smile on his face so I knew he was just fuckin with me, and her uncle on her dads side who had down sendrom(sorry for misspell) passed away and I was there by her side giving her a hug when she cried. And another thing she wants me to fuck her isent it usually the other way around damn.
You need not to say things about your gf on the internet when all the world hears when she tells you that you can only tell your best friend.

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
Big E said:
And another thing she wants me to fuck her isent it usually the other way around damn.
i think it's a good thing :D


Banned - What an Asshat!
Respect the father's thoughts on the matter, especially if the father and daughter are close. The reason I say this is that no matter how much she likes you, if she is close to her dad and thinks you dont like him or dont respect him, deep down inside that will nag at her and eventuallly she will hate you. So yeah, I guess I htink it is a good thing.